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我們的蒙式學校 our montessori schools


Our Montessori schools for 0-12 years old

ivy's house montessori目前在台北建立了托嬰中心,幼兒園(龍江校區; 民權校區), 小學部

ivy's house montessori offers an infant & toddler daycare center, kindergartens (Longjiang campus; Minquan campus), and elementary school in Taipei

0-3 歲 /0-3 years old

托嬰中心 - Infant & Toddler Daycare



The infant & toddler daycare is located on Longjiang Road. It provides a Montessori childcare environment so that children have the opportunity to work in an environment that belongs to them and learn to socialize with their peers. 

Parents can also let their children learn and grow in a small group.

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3-6 歲/ 3-6 years old

幼兒園 - Kindergarten

主要著重於蒙特梭利教育理念的推廣, 這裡是一個關於小小孩的家, 讓孩子在生活中, 學習照顧自己+照顧環境 透過真實的工作培養自信及專注力 在藝術與音樂中,感受生活的美 在遊戲中,學習與他人的互動 

The kindergartens mainly focus on the promotion of Montessori education philosophy. Here is the home for young children, let children learn to take care of themselves and the environment; cultivate self-confidence and concentration through real work; feel the beauty of life in art and music, and interact with others through play.

龍江校/Longjiang campus   

民權校/Minquan campus   

6~12歲/ 6-12 years old

小學階段- Elementary school 



Cosmic education is at the core of Montessori stage two education. The nature of the curriculum will focus on history and biology and expand to geology, physics, and chemistry, emphasizing that the universe is a whole. Children will continue to think and reflect on all things, individuals, their missions, and the interdependence among them, to be grateful for people, things, and circumstances.

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