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每個月月底會公告下個月的活動時間表及報名連結,詳情請關注我們的Facebook帳號“Ivy's house life 親子空間”及其相關的公告。


1. 活動第一堂請跟工作人員領活動簽到卡。

2. 每次活動一定要帶活動卡,給老師簽名。若忘記帶來,則必須繳付當天活動費用,待下次補蓋後即可退款。

3. 請假時,可自行找一天方便的時間補上;補課前一天請打電話問老師"是否可以補上"(方便控管當天人數)。並於請假當天起一個月內補完!

4. 若無法繼續參與活動,可將活動轉讓給別人。並請同時將活動卡轉讓給對方。(認卡不認人)

5. 此卡視同為現金,請妥善保管,遺失則不補發。


1. 進入空間前需先洗手。為避免感染,額溫超過38度或有傳染性疾病未痊癒者,謝絕進入。 2. 依據兒童及少年福利與權益保障法第51條規定,6歲以下幼兒進入親子空間至少需由一名20歲以上之成年人陪同,負擔完全責任,本親子空間不提供托兒服務。

3. 空間內活動採親子互動方式,但為維護幼兒安全,請勿單獨將孩子留在活動區或是委託他人照顧,避免發生危險。 請愛惜空間內一切設施及教具,如有毀壞需請照價賠償。

4. 本活動限一位家長陪同,建議為主要照顧者。

5. 為了讓孩子專心操作教具,操作教具時間,請勿拍照。

6. 參加活動時, 請自備嬰幼兒衣物1~2套或其他用品。


1. 第一次帶孩子進入親子空間,可以先向孩子介紹環境。並告知孩子可以在哪裡脫鞋,洗手及放置物品。

2. 親子空間是為孩子所設計,若孩子可以自己找到想做的事,大人就可以在旁觀察或陪伴。若孩子不知道可以做什麼,大人可以帶孩子走一圈,看看日常生活區,感官操作區,語言區,藝術區,食物製備區,看看孩子對什麼有興趣,或家長先選擇並引導孩子試試看。也可隨時詢問老師。

3. 孩子做的過程中,除非孩子有需要或者請求幫忙,否則請家長先不要急著干預,給予孩子時間和練習的機會。


IC 幼兒親子活動 (1歲半-3歲): 上午場(活動時間2小時); 下午場(活動時間1.5小時)

首次單次體驗價(不含親子午餐):新台幣1000元(上午場); 新台幣750元(下午場)


  • 上午場含親子午餐(限週一至週五)

單次: 新台幣1300元; 四次: 新台幣4800元; 八次: 新台幣8500元

  • 上午場不含親子午餐(限週一至週五)

單次: 新台幣1000元; 四次: 新台幣3500元; 八次: 新台幣6000元

  • 下午場含親子午餐(限週一至週五)

單次: 新台幣1000元; 四次: 新台幣3500元; 八次: 新台幣6400元

  • 下午場不含親子午餐(限週一至週五)

單次: 新台幣750元; 四次: 新台幣2500元; 八次: 新台幣4500元

Nido嬰兒親子活動 (5個月-1歲半(活動時間1.5小時並不含親子午餐)



單次: 新台幣750元; 四次: 新台幣2500元; 八次: 新台幣4500元

Information for the ivy's house life Parent-Child Space & its activities


All activities' schedule and a registration link for next month will be announced at the end of each month.

For details, please follow our Facebook account "Ivy's house life 親子空間" and check out related announcements.

Registration Admin

1. For the first session, please get the "Sign-In" card from the staff.

2. You should bring the "Sign-In" card with you for each session and give it to the teacher to sign it for you. If you forget to bring it, you will need to pay for the activity on the day and can get a refund next time once you present the "Sign-In" card.

3. If you can not join a session and need to ask for leave, you can find a convenient time to do the make-up class, however, please call the space one day in advance before the desired make-up class to check the availability. You should sign up and attend your make-up class within one month from the leave day.

4. If you wish to discontinue participating in the remaining sessions, you can transfer the remaining sessions to others. Please also remember to transfer the "Sign-In" card. (We only recognize the "Sign-In" card, not the purchasing person).

5. This card is regarded as cash. Please keep it in a safe place. If it is lost, unfortunately, it will however not be reissued.

Health and safety regulations

1. Wash your hands before entering the space. In order to avoid infection, if your temperature exceeds 38 degrees or you have not recovered from infectious diseases, you are not allowed to enter the space.

2. According to Article 51 of the Child and Juvenile Welfare and Rights Protection Law, children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by at least one adult who is above the age of 20 to enter the parent-child space and burden full responsibility for the child. This parent-child space does not provide childcare services.

3. We focus on parent-child interaction, however for the children's safety, please do not leave children alone in the activity area or entrust others to take care of them. Please protect the facilities and all the teaching materials. If there is any damage, you will be charged to recover the price as compensation.

4. Each session can only be accompanied by one adult, and it is recommended to be the main carer.

5. In order to allow children to concentrate on their work, you should not take pictures during their work tasks.

6. Please bring additional (1 or 2 sets) clothes for your children.

Activity method

1. When you take your child to the parent-child space for the first time, you can first introduce the environment to the child and show them where they can take off their shoes, wash their hands and place personal belongings.

2. The parent-child space is designed for children. If the child finds what he/she wants to do by himself/herself, you can observe or simply be there for the child. If the child does not know what to do, you can take the child around and look at the daily life area, sensorial area, language area, art area, or food preparation area, and see what would be the child interested in. If the child still does not know what he/she wants, you can choose first and guide the child to try it. Of course, you can also ask the teacher at any time.

3. When the child is working on his/her task, unless the child needs or asks for help, please don't rush to intervene, give the child time and opportunities for practice.

Activity fee

IC Parent-Child Activity (Age 1.5-3 years: Morning Session(Duration: 2hrs);Afternoon Session(Duration: 1.5hrs)

First-time trial session fee(Lunches for one parent & one child are not included):NTD1000(Morning Session); NTD750(Afternoon Session)

Non-trial session fee

  • Morning Session including lunches(Monday-Friday)

Single session:NTD1300; Four times sessions:NTD4800; Eight times session: NTD8500

  • Morning Session excluding lunches(Monday-Friday)

Single session:NTD1000; Four times sessions:NTD3500; Eight times session: NTD6400

  • Afternoon Session including lunches(Monday-Friday)

Single session:NTD1000; Four times sessions:NTD3500; Eight times session: NTD6400

  • Afternoon Session including lunches(Monday-Friday)

Single session:NTD750; Four times sessions:NTD2500; Eight times session: NTD4500

Nido Paren-Child Activity(age: 5months-1.5 years(Duration: 1.5hrs and lunches are not provided)

First-time trial session fee: NTD750

Non-trial session fee

Single session:NTD750; Four times sessions:NTD2500; Eight times session: NTD4500