ivy's house montessori


eguchitoys有十多年經營 ivy's house 蒙特梭利幼兒園及親子空間的經營及教學經驗, 江口設計以 eguchitoys 自創品牌發展各式原創的蒙特梭利相關教材、玩具及幼兒生活居家用品研發設計。擁有設計師、木工, 專業幼教人員參與研發, 致力於設計對兒童居家有幫助的玩具及用品.
我們希望提供給孩子可以居家使用的用品。無論是家具、衣服、工具或玩具;都考量孩子的智力、能力、手的大小以及安全性。eguchitoys跟著孩子一起快樂成長的美好生活, 跟著孩子一起感受生活點滴!

Eguchitoys are used in ivy's house Montessori kindergartens and ivy's house life parent-child space for more than ten years. Eguchi Design develops various original Montessori-related teaching materials, toys, and children's living and household products. Together with its own designers, carpenters, and professional educational personnel, eguchitoys committed to designing toys and supplies which are helpful and meaningful to children's homes.

We hope to provide children with the necessary supplies that can be used at home. Regardless of whether these are furniture, clothes, tools, or toys, they all are considered to support the children's abilities, hand size, and safety. Eguchitoys grow up happily with the children, and feel life with them!

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