ivy's house montessori

托嬰中心 Infant & Toddler Daycare




托嬰中心位於龍江路,主要著重於蒙特梭利教育理念的推廣及蒙特梭利環境的介紹, 一起陪伴孩子健康快樂的長大!

Once babies start walking, they start to like doing things with their hands. This is a home with child-sized furniture for small children, where they can have opportunities to learn practical life.

This is a small community for children, where they can practice socialization, observe each other, and learn to start sharing and taking turns.

As parents, supporting children to learn in such a community is a small step to help the children grow independently.

The ivy's house infant & toddler daycare located on Longjiang Road, the infant & toddler daycare mainly focuses on the promotion of the Montessori education concept and the introduction of the Montessori environment. We accompany the children to grow up healthy and happy together!

A day and a week at the Daycare

8:00-8:10: Teachers morning meeting

8:10-8:30: Learning environment preparation

8:30-9:00: Children arrival and prepare for the day



Montessori Work Time (Tuesday to Friday)

10:30-11:30: Outdoor Activities Time

11:30-12:30: Lunch, Clean-up, Free-time

12:30-13:00: Half-day class off

13:00-13:30: Nap Time Preparation

13:30-15:00: Nap Time

15:00-15:30: Snack Time

15:30-16:00: Story, Music & Work Time

16:00-16:30: Day-off & outdoor activities

16:30-18:00: Extended daycare hours (if needed/paid service)


8:00-8:10: 老師晨會

8:10-8:30: 學習環境預備

8:30-9:00: 小朋友的入園,準備工作

9: 00-10:30: 


蒙特梭利工作時間 (星期二至五)

10:30-11:30: 戶外活動時間

11:30-12:30: 午餐時間、整理與收拾、自由遊戲


13:00-13:30: 準備午休

13:30-15:00: 幼兒午休時間

15:00-15:30: 點心時間

15:30-16:00: 故事、音樂和工作

16:00-16:30: 放學與戶外活動

16:30-18:00: 延長托育(如有所需/付費服務)

A day at the Infant Center