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  • 蒙特梭利工作時間
  • 靜心時間
  • 戶外生態人文探索
  • 見學旅行
  • 食育教學












Experimental Education

Teaching Philosophy

6~12 years old elementary school

Cosmic education is at the core of Montessori stage two education. The nature of the curriculum will focus on history and biology and expand to geology, physics, and chemistry, emphasizing that the universe is a whole. Children will continue to think and reflect on all things, individuals, their missions, and the interdependence among them, to be grateful for people, things, and circumstances.

We value the importance of learning from life; we hope to help children find their learning methods by providing an environment of love, respect, and trust, as well as rich environmental resources; we strive for giving children opportunities to practice social life, and we facilitate establishing group mutual support experiences. With all of the above, we aim at helping individuals to discover their missions and prepare for their future journey in the real world.

Featured Teaching

  • Uninterrupted work time according to the Montessori teaching method
  • Meditation time
  • Outdoor ecological and humanistic exploration
  • Educational field trip
  • Food and agriculture education teaching

Montessori work time

Montessori work time is a three-hour work cycle. Teachers prepare a rich and diverse learning environment and demonstrate guidance, and children practice and arrange their learning plans. Teachers aim to discover children's bright spots and advantages and guide them to develop their talents through Montessori core teaching.

Meditation time

Meditation time is the rest period after lunch. Teachers lead children to practice mindfulness and meditation through music, drawing, yoga, stories telling, etc. They help children learn to find a moment to relax the body and mind and get along with themselves in peace.

Outdoor ecological and humanistic exploration

Weekly theme-led outdoor teaching or outdoor study at Dagouxin.

Seasonal field trip and mountain hiking within Taiwan

Camping activities every semester

Educational field trip

The school will arrange educational "field trips" according to the children's learning theme. The trip itinerary will be discussed and led by the children for children.

Food and agriculture education teaching

Food and agriculture education teaching is our school's unique feature. We provide different forms of meal preparation instead of delivering the set nutritious lunch, which includes but is not limited to: students prepare meals in groups; parents take turns and prepare lunches for children at the school, bring your lunch day, etc... we hope children learn the most basic living skills, prepare and cook the meals by themselves, choose the food by themselves and therefore enjoy eating.

The course arrangement includes Montessori work, sports, art, experiments, music, cooking, outdoor activities, etc.,

School schedule: class time 8:00~16:30

Semesters Planning:

Two semesters

Summer vacation: July, the class will start in August. There will be summer activities for new students in August, so there will be some differences between the August classes and the usual ones.

There will be a week off as a four-seasons holiday every spring, summer, autumn, and winter. (The detailed holiday schedule is subjected to every semester calendar).

Winter vacation: same as other general elementary schools.