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幼兒園 - Kindergarten 民權校/Minquan campus








The Minquan campus is located at No. 4, Lane 140, Section 3, Minquan East Road.

The courtyard of the Minquan campus has bougainvillea that is splendid in all seasons. Children will pick up flowers and plants for artistic creation. There is also wisteria blooming in spring and a lemon tree that is fruitful in summer.

The open space in front of Quanlian Square is a playground for children to exercise every day, and the Rongxing Garden is a bridge between the city and nature for children.

Montessori is an attitude to life; its spirit not only exists in teaching. In early childhood, when children's personalities are shaped, and the souls are constructed, the Minquan campus teachers accompany the children, helping the children know themselves and learn from the surrounding. Children are encouraged to express themselves, to practice controlling emotions, and to learn accepting differences.

A day at the kindergarten