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幼兒園 - Kindergarten 龍江校/Longjiang campus








Longjiang Campus

The Longjiang campus is located at No. 5, Lane 271, Longjiang Road. Each group enrolls about 25-30 children. 

Longjiang campus currently has one mixed-age (three to six years old) groups. Teacher-student ratio 1:10-15 

The courtyard of the Longjiang campus is the home to the children's best friend, Rabbit Xiangxiang. Children make herbal tea, sachets, and mosquito repellent from the flowers which they planted. They also plant sweet potato leaves and add them to the boiled eggs or udon noodles, or use the planted cherry tomatoes for cold dishes. Frangipanis bloom in the courtyard in summer, earlier this year we also planted the new lychee tree. Children and teachers are already looking forward to bearing the lychee fruits next year.

Taipei University campus nearby is the playground for children to exercise every day, and Rongxing Garden is the bridge between the city and nature for children.

Montessori is an attitude to life, its spirit not only exists in teaching. In early childhood when children's personalities are shaped and the souls are constructed, the teachers from the Longjiang campus accompany the children and help them know themselves. Whether it is mood or thought, teachers encourage children to express themselves and accept similarities and differences. We believe that the important thing is the people surrounding us. 

A day at the kindergarten